·Safe and Highly-efficient Information Swap Between
 ·Memorabilia of Broadcasting & Television Industry,
 ·Introduction to Major Domestic Exhibitions
 ·Report of Market Research on Broadcasting & TV Ind
  Video,Recorder & Editing
  Video Camera ,Video Cassette Recorder,Recorder,Special-...
  Program Production
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  Lighting,Lighing Accessories,Sound Cabinet & Loud-speak...
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  Automatic Play-out System,A/V Distributor,A/V Processor...
  Test & Measurement Instrument
  Others,Field Strength Meter,Frequency Spectrum Meter,Ne...
  Exchanger,Amplifier,Acoustical Convertor...

The cable digital TV rapidly develops in the market

    Since the State Administration of Radio and Television pointed out the policy of “The cable connection of digitalization of Radio and Television and push the digitalized development through the whole change” in 2003, after the establishment for several years, China has primarily finished the establishment of new system of cable digital TV structured by the program platform, transmission platform, service platform and supervision platform. The scale of cable digital TV is rapidly enlarged, the progress of change from analog to digit quickens obviously, at present, there are 33 cities and regions finishing the whole transformation of cable TV from......

Report A

   Review on the Market for the Broadcasting & TV Industry in 2007.

Report B
  Reinforcing the capacity of HDTV programming and broadcasting was the focal point.

  China Content Broadcasting Network Exhibition

  The 16th China Content Broadcasting Network Exhibition (CCBN 2008) will be held in Beijing the China International Exhibition Center during March 21st-23rd, 2008.

  Market & Technology Conference of International Radio, Film and TV Equipments in Shanghai Television Festival

  The Shanghai Television Festival was sponsored by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and the People’s Government of Shanghai Municipality.

  Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Equipment Exhibition

  The Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Equipment Exhibition (BIRTV) is one of the master activities at the China Content Broadcasting Network Exhibition (CCBN).

  International CATV Technology Conference

  The International CATV Technology Conference (ICTC) is sponsored jointly by the Technology Study Committee of the China Association of Broadcasting and Television.




 >Selection of Top-10 in Industry of Broadcasting & TV, 2007 Completed Successfully
 >CCTV Obtained New Media Broadcasting Right of Beijing Olympic Games, 2008
 >Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting Listed as Key Project of “11th 5-year” National Science & Technology Supporting Plan
 >National Standard Digital TV Signal First Aired to the National from Shenzhen
 >China Mobile Media Broadcasting Achieve Successful Experiment in Qingdao
 >First Chinese “TV Payment” System Started in Shenzhen
 >General Completion of National Broadcasting and TV Satellite-transformation and Adjustment
 >2.5 Billion Invested by the Central Finance to Reinforce the Countryside Wireless Coverage of TV programs
 >The “11th 5-year” Plan for Hi-tech Industries Development Proposed to Complete Generally the Digitalization Transformation of Video & Audio Industry in 2010
 >Zhang Haitao Presides Conference to Promote Application of National Standard on Ground Digital TV



 Set-Top Box(STB)





 Digital Delayer

 Video Server

 Magnetic Disk





 Display Screen


 Satellite Aerial

 Satellite Receiver

 Public Radio Tuner

 Radio-frequency Head


 Vidicon DVC180


 VCR DSR-2000

 Panasonic AJ-D965MC